Winter weddings, weddings in the snow

Maybe you met in a ski resort,  you love snow,  or you want to get away from the summer weddings and show that the white of the environment makes the bride and groom even more dazzling.
Choosing winter,  its colours and being well wrapped up in the cold temperatures for the “I do” is super romantic.

If it is an elope wedding (wedding on the run) you will feel really isolated from the world to enjoy your moment and if it is a winter wedding with guests there are so many possibilities to enjoy nature and good fun that it will be really unique.

Almost all ski resorts in Spain have facilities to celebrate a wedding in the snow, from luxurious hotels to small wooden houses, or natural or artificial igloos.

In the Catalan Pyrenees we find Baqueira Beret and Boí Taüll, in Lérida (Lleida) and La Molina, Massella, Vallter 2000, Vall de Nuria or Port del Conte in Gerona (Girona), all of them at a short distance from Barcelona. Our masters of ceremonies can officiate in Catalan, Spanish or any other language you may need.

If you imagine a winter wedding ceremony with feeling, laughter, rituals and the intervention of friends, let a professional ceremony officiant write it according to your own style. He or she will also advise you on the duration and appropriate dressing code so that no one will feel cold if you want to celebrate the ceremony outdoors, which would be ideal.

The ceremony may not be on the snow, but surrounded by it; you can put nice blankets on the seats in case the guests do not wear warm clothes.

Also near Barcelona you can enjoy a white wedding in Andorra, either in the great resorts of Vallnord and Grandvalira or if you want more privacy in Ordino Arcalis. A ceremony in French,  Spanish or Catalan,  the languages from the small country or any other depending of your and your guest´s origin.

The cold will not matter either if you are enjoying the views of the Aragonese Pyrenees: Wedding ceremonies in Huesca in the areas of Panticosa ,  Cerler,  Aramón Formigal, Candanchú or Astún, with rites drawn on the snow, ski accessories and feeling the contrast between the heat of the sun and the icy snow will offer you a wonderful feeling of life and plenitude.

And how would you like to include in your wedding ritual some infusion or mulled wine?  You will add the spices on the altar,  symbolizing the warmth and comfort you are to each other and you can make the first toast during the ceremony.

The Cantabrian mountain range would be perfect for that, around the ski stations of San Isidro and Leitariegos in León, Valgrande-Pajares and Fuentes de Invierno in Asturias, Manzaneda in Sierra de Queixa, Orense, or Alto Campoo in Cantabria.

 And if you want a naive and fun touch at your wedding, to share something sweet as a couple, or have the main guests to participate as well, take advantage of the fireplace or small bonfire if it is outdoors to roast marshmallows while you recite your vows.

The resorts and villages of Valdezcaray in La Rioja, Valdelinares and Javalambre in Teruel and Punto de Nieve Sta Inés in Soria,  all belonging to the Iberian System, will be perfect to achieve that rural and 100% winter touch.

In the Central System you can choose Valdesquí in the Madrid region, the Sierra de Béjar in Salamanca, the Puerto de Navacerrada between Madrid and Segovia and La Pinilla in Segovia. Imagine setting up the ceremony at the end of the chairlift, so that the guests can see you arriving from above, or on sleds, to enjoy listening how the officiant and dearest friends and family talk about you, about your history, to be able to freely breath the pure air, holding hands that will warm up while you smile feeling that there are no limits either to the wide beautiful sorrounds or to your dreams.

And if you are lucky enough to choose Sierra Nevada, in beautiful Granada, you will be able to get married almost reaching the sky, in a ceremony that truly identifies with your beliefs and that only professionals who love this job and are aware of the many details related to the the coordination of an event can achieve.

At the end of the ceremony, if you prefer flower petals or snowballs…. this will be your choice!! 🙂

Happy winter wedding.