A northern wedding


Wet bride lucky bride,  or so the famous spanish saying goes; A wet knot is harder to untie,  could be the bristish one, both meaning that the rain will bring prosperity to the marriage.

In the Spanish north there used to be a guarantee of rain almost all year round or at least in spring, the typical wedding season.
But nowadays rains are not so common anymore and in any case it will be a fine and sporadic rain,  which will give your wedding a fragrance of damp earth and grass,  or sea, depending on the area you choose.

The north has that wonderful bucolic touch,  perfect for a romantic wedding,  combined with the taste for good living, good food and authenticity of its people.

Choosing a ceremony in the Basque Country, overlooking the sea and the mountains, for example between France and Guipuzcoa, in Hondarribia would allow  to tell your story as a real fairy tale, with medieval and fantastic touches.

In its capital,  San Sebastian (Donostia), next to La Concha beach,  instead than a fairy tale, you could have a movie wedding, like its famous and well-established

festival, which would make of your ceremony the best love story. The Hotel María Cristina is like a dream, but there are countless possibilities of enclaves in this beautiful area of the Basque Country.

In Vizcaya (Bizcai) you can be paid tribute by dantzaris  and txistularis (dancers and musicians) who will dance the Aurresku for you. Part of the rituals of the ceremony can include such traditional elements as the beret (txapela) and the scarf, as long as they have a special meaning for you; I never recommend rituals that lack emotional value for the couple.

Bilbao however can offer a much more avant-garde air if you want to reflect in your day an urban and design concept, with a view to the future as your relationship.

And in Alava, whether in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Ayala Valley, or in any other corner of the province, the medieval style castles, mansions, villas or hotels will allow you to tie the knot at any time of the year,  with the possibility of thematize the whole wedding, including the ceremony, without losing its beautiful meaning.

Once in Cantabria, you can again choose between sea and mountains, or enjoy both because you will find incredible cliffs near the sierra.
From the Gran Casino del Sardinero in Santander to the rustic inns of Comillas, Santillana del mar, Castro Urdiales or San vicente de la barquera your ceremony will be accompanied by the Cantabrian Sea.

In Potes or Cartes it will be the medieval spirit and the most beautiful constructions that will tuck you in while you walk in love towards the corner chosen for the liaison. In these areas, the dance of the Cuevanuco, the sobaos, the orujo, will add a typical touch to your wedding.

And arriving in Asturias,  the camaraderie, the cordiality of the cider pouring, the “espicha” party that you can enjoy the day before the wedding, or even on your big day,  if you like the casual but traditional style, will turn the wedding in a wonderful celebration.
So many options from San Lorenzo Beach in Gijón to the Palaces and Caseríos of Oviedo, Avilés, Mieres, will make it easy to say “I do” but complicated to decide where.