Exotic ceremony

Either  with  a  hippie ,  rocker ,   gothic ,   Ibizan  (white),  Hindu ,  Celtic,  stand  up  comedy  or  spiritual  inspiration.  I  will  adapt the  script  to  that  particular  style  that  defines   you.  It  is  not ”  disguising   ourselves  “,   it   is   really   empathizing   with   your beliefs   and through these i´ll research texts by authors in line with   them  ,   more   or  less  ancestral rituals, music and theme songs   that   will  make you and your guests embrace and really feel that special feeling.

Create, surprise, imagine

Many     of     the    rites   that  I  explain in the “rituals” section can be adapted   for  example to   a   spiritual   ceremony   by  adding  small breaths  ,  meditations  ,  that   will  connect  you  with  the   present moment, with its beauty and energy.

In  flower  power  or  rock  and  roll  inspired  ceremonies, what will raise  the  energy  will  undoubtedly  be  the  music.  I  will read song lyrics  as readings, will make everyone stand up from their seats at settled   moments,   so   that   the  vibrant atmosphere of a concert will connect all attendees.

For  those   of   you   who prefer to laugh more, the part that refers to   your   story   and   anecdotes will be more fun, and I will look for “ accomplices ”    among    the     guests     to     add    entertaining    an enjoyables touches.

Inspiration and getting down to work

Living   on   an   island   as  cosmopolitan as Ibiza  , being  passionate about  different cultures and traditions  , loving arts and  believing in  continuous  spiritual and mental growth , make it easier for  me to concentrate and enjoy the different ceremonies I prepare.

I just need to get to know you either live or by skype/ Whatsapp to explain   you   the  options   and  that you let your ideas unfold , and after that: let´s make the magic flow.


What is your style of ceremony?

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