Lgbtq+ weddings

What  is  the difference  between an LGBTQ wedding and another ?

 Well , nothing at all!  I will write your ceremony like any other one,  getting  surprised by the way you met, the reasons for your bond, the  giggles  for  everything  you  like  or  drives  you  crazy  in  your partner,  the difficulties you have overcome together…

You  will  choose  the   rituals   and   the   style  that identify you; and through   some  little clues i’ll be able to pick up on our interview I’ll   turn   the   beginning  of  your   wedding   day  in the moment of emotion and complicity that you are looking for.

from the heart…

Being honest,  there is usually an extra touch of emotion at LGBTQ+ weddings,  for different reasons: usually protocol prejudices disappear, the degree of commitment between the spouses vibrates,  and whether it is an  “elope wedding” or there are plenty of guests, we all feel that in addition to celebrating a love union, we are celebrating  humanity, coherence and belonging to a world in harmony.

I am privileged to have the honor of getting into the hearts and memories of the different couples,  who offer me their stories and illusions so that I can transform them into words,  verses,  and feelings. Yes, I do.


What is your style of ceremony?

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