Classic ceremony

If   you   like   the   traditional  ceremony   format  ,  short ,  with a duration   of   15-20   minutes  ,    with generic references to love and commitment and standard rituals  ,  this is your ceremony. It   will   be   heartwarming and emotional but without personal references to you.

As   in   the  personalized one,  once the initial contact has been made  we  will communicate by skype,  mail or in Ibiza, either in our   office or at   the  wedding  location ,  and I will  provide  you with   the   generic   file  so  that  you can decide what you would prefer to include.

I  can  also  send  you  the  exact content of the ceremony once you have choosen the details.

Guests   readings   and   speeches   are   also  welcome. You will pronounce vows if you wish ,  which can be whispered in each other´s   ear   if    you   prefer  to  have  some  privacy  (it´s  very romantic). The articles of the civil code referring to marriage can be stated in order to confer an official tone.

In  these  ceremonies  the  soundtrack  is usually limited to the entrance  and  exit ,  unless  you  would like some extra musical moment.

Advice on how to arrange cortege, sitting of guests and of the couple at the altar is  included  to ensure that everything is properly organized. ( If you have a wedding planner she will provide those details, but if you are looking for complete wedding organization we have coordinated beautiful ones for over a decade).


¿What is your style of ceremony?

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