Your ceremony and me

Your ceremony and me

Unique words and emotions

I am Raquel Esteban, making of your ceremony a unique moment that involves you and your guests is my mission,  responsibility and a beautiful privilege.

I love the celebrations that come from the heart,  they are unique.Your ceremony will be too.

I will offer you various rituals,  vows, texts,  and you can add your own ideas; But what makes the ceremony special is the tone that I will give to it once we meet, you tell me your story and what you would like to live,  feel and project on that day.

I turn into words and emotions what you are and feel . It is your moment, I just help conducting the feelings.

My entire career has been related to communication,  through my own artistic projects.

I assure you that I spend hours finding that nod,  that smile,  that empathy. I laugh and cry writing many ceremonies.

Writing a unique ceremony is a very pleasant process  and I do it with care and respect for the tastes and preferences of each couple.   I can give it avant-garde,  fun , classic or more spiritual touches.  I   have   officiated   weddings from romantic to heavy metal ,   oriental ,   with   a   hippy   spirit , passionate ,  or as most couples  prefer them:    dynamic  ,   respecting    protocols  ,  but with spirit.

I am     the    one  who   write    and  design  the    ceremony    ,  my languages   are   Spanish  , English  and Italian ,  but I also have a team of international officiants that you can meet previously and     who    will    celebrate     the     ceremony  , with   the     same dedication and feelings in any other language.

Just    as   well   we   can   officiate    standard  ,   shorter or non-personalized ceremonies;  not all couples like  that degree of intimacy.   Your   day has to reflect how you are and make you feel comfortable.

We   also   co-officiate   with   councilors  ,  judges ,  or religious  officiants  if you would like  to combine the official part to the emotional one.

A  multilingual  service , in  Ibiza  and  in  any  other destination,  with  15  years  of  experience  and  hundreds of happy couples that we have united in customised ceremonies.

If    you    also   want   us   to   take   care   of   the   entire    wedding organization, we have years of experience and we collaborate with     the      best      suppliers     and   professionals   in   Ibiza   and Formentera,  as wedding planners.


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