Marriage proposal

For a perfect marriage proposal,  I can design the entire “staging”,  whatever you imagine as a set or adventure where you will surprise her/him with the “do you want to marry me?”

In addition, we can go a step further if you would like to turn it into a real engagement ceremony:

I send you the script to choose rituals from,  you tell me how you are,  what made you fell in love, your values and beliefs. Based on it I design a ceremony in which when you both arrive, (without him / her expecting it),  you´ll both find an idyllic setting and a narrator who will bond you as lovers,  friends,  committed to being your mutual favorite person.

Another option is that I write and design (or help you do it) your love declaration,  and marriage proposal with my literary,  musical and creative resources

Love and your enthusiasm have no limits,   neither do Ibiza and us.


Let´s talk about the planning

Email: I Telf. ​​34 608 24 16 63