Custom ceremony

Celebrating your unique love story

I  will  need  to  know   as   much   as   possible   about  your  story: anecdotes ,  what do you mean to each  other ,  your  values ,  in order   to   personalize     it.  Imagine    your    story     told    with    a sensitivity   nod ,  humor  and at the same time in tune with the appropriated concept of  “wedding”.

Once    you      have      contacted     me  ,   I     send     you     different  rituals,   reading   options , vows   and   our   extensive   file  that includes    all    kinds   of   details   to   let   me   understand    which ceremony   style   suits   you   best.

I  always  suggest that naturalness, romanticism and harmony with  the  chosen  location be what guide the ceremony spirit ;  this     way     it     will     be     more     authentic.   Beaches    or   rural environments    allow    rituals    in    line    with    nature.  In  cities ,  halls       or       specific       locations      we     will     focus     on      rites consistent   with   the   setting.

The    ceremony     it    self   is     a     blessing    and   celebration  of   what  you  have  lived  as  a couple and of the decision to offer yourselves   as   companions   for   life.   Beyond   creeds,  these types   of ceremonies reach the hearts of guests and couples,  no     matter     if   they    are   traditional   or    modern ,    as     they   are    designed    and   experienced   with   love   and   complicity.

The music, the guests, the feelings…

  I   know   the   importance   of   photographs   and   video,  those images   that   will   accompany   you   throughout   your   life as a memory of your day,  so I will suggest where and how to locate you ( sitting  ,   standing  ,  in  V ,  facing  the guests …) . Thanks to the   rituals    we´ll   get   beautiful   images   quite  different from those   of  the ceremonies that only show the back of the bride and groom without expressiveness or emotion.

We can design  traditional  bridal processions or as elaborated and  theatrical  as  you  wish.  I  will advise you on this and also in the  sitting  of the first rows. If you have a wedding planner, she will facilitate those details.

The   participation   of   family   or   friends  is very valuable. I can suggest   rituals   in   which   they   may   join  in, or they can bring their  own  writings  and ideas. My mission is also to coordinate the  length    of   those   readings and the overall duration of the ceremony   according   to  the  organization chart of the rest of the event.

Music,    another   factor  that draws and defines the rhythm of the   ceremony (either if it’s live, played, instrumental or sang), will     be     the     one     you     prefer    ;     I´ll       suggest      when      to    include     the       different      songs .    Through     music ,   we    wil     create  authentic  experiences   within    the    ceremony . (joy ,   emotion , romanticism …).

The meetings and the program

 If  you have guests who speak different  languages ,  I will use a main   one   and   short   translations   in the other ones,  to keep everyone´s focus and not to lose momentum. And if you wish the  symbolic   ceremony  to have legal value ,  I will co-officiate with the designated official figure.

The   blessing   lenght   will meet the organization chart needs  ,  taking   into   account    the   rest   of   the   event  ,  and if there is a sunset or anything special prepared after the  ceremony.   It can last up to 45 minutes when it involves guests’intervention and is enjoyable,  with rituals,  music, and surprises.

I  will    provide   everything you  may need by skype,  telephone and during visits to the location,  and days before the event we will do a rehearsal if necessary.

What  I  always  achieve  is  that  you  feel  relaxed  knowing  that everything is well organized and to your taste. On your special day   there   will   smiles , loving glances, complicity, and I always keep an Ace up my sleeve to surprise you a little.

I can manage the official ceremony too,  (if it is feasible in your case) as   well   as   the   entire wedding organization in Ibiza and Formentera if you wish,  with over a decade of experience and success.


What is your style of ceremony?

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