I want to get married in Andalusia

I am dedicated to marrying couples in love.

It is not a truism,  not always the one who is getting married is fully and consciously in love,  or wishes a marriage ritual with true meaning,  beyond an inscription in a Registry or a celebration.

Couples who choose a symbolic ceremony, consider this to be the authentic moment when they come together,  and for that reason I write and officiate it in a personalized way, transforming it in an experience for the heart and senses of the couple and guests.

And if there is one region in Spain that awakens the senses in every corner,  it is Andalusia.

To officiate in Andalusia means to feel with passion the tradition,  feelings and ancestral beliefs,  together with colours,  vivid images,  and an enthusiasm that even in the most classical ceremony infects with charm and poetry.

Each province offers monumental and natural spaces where a ceremony is charged with meaning and value.

Cádiz with its beaches from Sanlúcar to Zahara de los Atúnes and Jerez with its wineries and cortijos (farmhouses).

Huelva with the hotels in Punta Antilla,  the facilities of the golf courses near Ayamonte,  or the multiple rural enclaves of Doñana.

Seville that just by naming it already gives the character of grandeur and sentiment to a ceremony that can take place from a Carriage Museum,  to an Andalusian patio or a tavern with a tablao,  set up for a “Yes I Do” with all the soul.

Malaga where the flowers will wrap you up if you join in the Botanical Garden,  the best sunsets on the beach in Marbella,  Torremolinos or any other little town on the Costa del Sol, or arrive as bandits, riding horses through the Sierra de Ronda,  to steal your greatest treasure: your hearts.

Granada,  a city that lives in love with its own beauty,  with halls and venues inspired by its eternal Alhambra. To recite the history and promises of two lovers in a land whose heat melts the snow of its Sierra Nevada,  is a privilege.


Jaén,  the fruit of the olive trees, the liquid gold,  the laboured land, hands that link together knowing that only by nurturing and taking care,  the best harvests can be obtained.

Surrounded by the Sierra de Cazorla,  a full awareness ceremony in harmony with the natural elements.

Almería- Here the sun will accompany your day, even if you decide that your wedding blessing will be close to sunset. You will feel the heat on your skin and in your heart,  with the emotion of being surrounded by desert landscapes, with views of Cabo de Gata,  sumptuous Paradors in Mojacar or feeling the sand of the beach under your feet, which reveals your new path.

And Cordoba, a fusion of cultures,  where your love will be reflected like the lights of torches on ancient castles walls or the gates of haciendas where you will feel that you have chosen a privileged ceremony and environments,  just like you.

Yes,  I want to marry you in Andalusia, and Hooray for the happy couple!

*In my homeland, Cadiz,  I have presented and entertained many events and I confess that in the first ones,  despite already having a long curriculum behind me, I was nervous and with a tremendous sense of responsibility.

So many great artists,  speakers,  comedians were born in this area that it was overwhelming the degree of demand that Andalusians may have,  with good reason.

It was and continues to be a gift to me the applause, affection and incredible success with which each of these blessings or performances are developed, already by a good number of the Andalusian provinces.