The essentials

Music- Indispensable if you want to raise the level of emotion, be it romantic, rhythmic or calm. You’ll choose the theme songs according to your taste.I will advise you on the best moments to play them. If you need musicians, singers or sound system, we collaborate with great professionals.

Rings- Each metal has different properties and when you tell me which materials your rings are made of, if they have any special engraving or story I can refer to it. The important thing is that they symbolize eternity and flow, that there is no beginning or end.
* You can also use bracelets of any kind, if you know that the ring will not be comfortable for you to use daily.

Vows- There is no marriage rite, be it Civil or religious, in which the officiant marries the spouses. We are witnesses of your decision and we give faith to it (either
justices of the peace, councilors or priests ). For this reason the vows that the spouses write and recite are the right way to really give their heart.

It is an intimate, romantic moment and in the event that you do not wish to say them outloud there is the precious option of whispering them in each other´s ear while your song is playing.

Petals, rice, soap bubbles- At the end of the ceremony, these symbols of prosperity rain on the bride and groom. You will choose the ones that represent you the most.


And what is your idea ?

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