Spirituals and contemporary

Tanit- The Ibizan Phoenician Goddess, protector of the loves born or consolidated under her auspices. Her carved bust can accompany the rest of the objects at the altar, showing support to all the blessings of the day or specific verses about love can be recited based on her.

Chilhood’s Photos- A ritual that I discovered thanks to the institute “school of life” and one of the beautiful couples that I have united. Through this rite you offer your innocence, your inner child to the other one and at the same time you promise to treat with sweetness, patience and affection the infant who still lives in your partner.You will bring a framed photograph of your childhood and I will read the ritual while you exchange them. (It´s also fun for your guests when you show them your pictures as kids).

Tattoos- Tattoos are something very personal and there are couples who have shared tattoos or that the designs complement each other. I can refer to them and their story. I have also given weddings in which the bride and groom were tattooed live, or in which the tattoo was finished.

The intention: “An intention is an impulse of consciousness that contains the seed of the objective to be created.”

If you enjoy yoga, meditation and you would like that you and your guests connect with the ceremony, with the beautiful moment that is presented, we will start with a small introduction, gentle breaths, closed eyes, and in just a few seconds a positive calm will emerge , so that you get married in complete tunning of souls and minds, in total harmony.

The Candle
I do not recommend outdoor rituals involving candle lighting, because no matter how soft a breeze can be, it is very likely that the candles will blow out while trying … and we do not want to represent you with an extinguished flame!

On the other hand, it is possible to have a candle lit beforehand, in a lamp or lantern, and read a text about that flame. You will take the candle with you as a souvenir in order to be able to light it either in times of darkness, or to celebrate your relationship.
Indoors, the flame can be passed from one candle to another without problem, and in either cases it is accompanied by a specific text.


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