The classics

Symbolic wedding certificate-  A souvenir of the marriage and beautiful photos that are taken while you sign with your witnesses under the scenery.

Scrolls-  For ceremonies where you would like guests to participate with no need to rehearse or speeches preparation. They receive the scroll, deliver it during the ceremony, read the small offering and, if they wish, add their own dedication words.

Civil Code- The articles related to marriage are short and in line with the loyalty, respect and coexistence that the contracting parties desire. I will read them if you wish to add a more formal tone to the ceremony.

Sometihing old,  new,  blue,  borrowed-  Something new (the new status) blue (color of loyalty), old (you do not lose your essence, your “self”),  borrowed (those who love you support your decision).

If these symbols (or any of them) are important to you because they may be family memories, or special tributes, I will refer to them.

Religious-  If you have any religious belief,  I can introduce verses from the Bible concerning to  love or a guest may read a paragraph in this line. I can also co-officiate with religious celebrants,  I´ll take care of the most emotional and personalized part and they will perform the one related to the creed.



And what is your idea?

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